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HVAC Maintenance Membership for Harrison, TN Homeowners

HVAC Services In Harrison, TN

HVAC Maintenance Membership for Harrison, TN Homeowners
wonder cooling HVAC

Maintenance Harrison, TN

Are you tired of experiencing discomfort when your home becomes unbearably hot or cold at the most inconvenient times, all because your HVAC system lacks maintenance? If that’s the case, it’s time to take action and contact Wonder Cooling. We offer an exceptional maintenance membership designed to address your needs.

By signing up for it, you gain access to a team of HVAC professionals with over 15 years of expertise in the industry. They will take care of your heating and cooling systems efficiently, so you can finally enjoy the comfort of your home in peace, just as you deserve.

wonder cooling HVAC

Maintaining Your HVAC System Is a Smart Choice

Avoid Costly Repairs

When maintaining your HVAC system, you can rest assured of any small problem being caught quickly. This way, the issue won’t get worse, nor will it cost a lot to repair.

Improve Energy Efficiency

With a thorough maintenance process from our experienced HVAC professionals, you can count on a more efficient performance from your heating and cooling systems. Therefore, you’ll save money on energy bills throughout the year.

Make Your HVAC System Last

HVAC services can help you make your system last longer. With fewer repairs and replacements, you won’t have to invest in new equipment as often as you would if you didn’t take proper care of it.

wonder cooling HVAC

Choose the Package That Fits Your Needs

Bronze Membership

$89 annual payment.

  • Maintenance work that gets done according to the season.
  • In case a need for repair is found during the maintenance, we will waive the diagnostic fee with repair.
  • $59 extra charge for each additional HVAC system.

Silver Membership

$8.25 / month per system

  • Spring and fall maintenance.
  • $20 off the current diagnostic fee with the repair.
  • 5% off repairs.
  • 1-year repair warranty
  • $10.25 for each additional HVAC system.

Gold Membership

$19 / month per system

  • Spring and fall maintenance with a weaved current diagnostic fee, with the repair.
  • 10% off repairs.
  • 2-year repair warranty
  • 5% off system replacement credit and priority service.
  • $19 per month for each additional HVAC system.

Follow This Plan to Get Your Membership

First, fill out our form.

Then, define the package that works for you.

Finally, receive your membership and enjoy our HVAC services.

Sign Up for Our Membership and Enjoy a Well-Kept HVAC System Today
wonder cooling HVAC

Sign Up for Our Membership and Enjoy a Well-Kept HVAC System Today

Enjoy a home where the HVAC system always keeps every space at the right temperature by trusting in Wonder Cooling in Harrison, TN. By choosing from our membership options, you can receive a quality maintenance service from caring experts at your doorstep. 
Reclaim your happiness as the owner of the comfortable home you’ve always wanted when signing up with us today.